Growing Through Crop Conversations.

The FMC Good to Grow podcast is dedicated to exploring the latest trends and challenges in specialty and row crop management. We’re bringing you the expertise, agronomic tips and best practices to help make the most of your growing season.

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Row Crop Episodes

Good to Grow podcast row crop episodes focus on sharing best practices with growers in the Heartland.

Specialty Crop Episodes

Good to Grow podcast specialty crop episodes feature insights to help fruit, tree nut and vegetable growers make the most of each season.

About the Good to Grow Host

Jake Turner knows a thing or two about crop production. As the long-time host of FMC’s program, The Minute, he’s interviewed university researchers, crop consultants, growers and ag retailers from across the U.S. to discuss agronomic challenges, policy concerns and other important issues that impact growers and their operations. From almond orchards in the Central Valley to soybean fields in Ohio, Jake has had the pleasure of meeting with those that grow agriculture.

Join him as he engages in in-depth conversations about what’s trending in the field and marketplace today and beyond.

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