Episode 24

A Meeting of PCA Minds: Grapevine Trunk Disease


About This Episode

No matter where you are in California, the effects and threat level grapevine trunk disease (GTD) pose prove to be about the same. Listen in as Jake Turner sits down with two pest control advisors (PCA) from different parts of the state to discuss the complex: Pete Sweeney, a PCA and sales consultant for Grow West out of Geyserville and Steve Quashnick, a PCA and retail sales representative for Wilbur Ellis Company in Lodi. The duo share and compare decades worth of notes and lessons from their fight against the complex, as well as insights on solutions, disease economics, potential limitations and the long-term commitment required to manage for the complex.

This Rhyme fungicide recommendation is made as permitted under FIFRA Section 2(ee) for the management of wood disease complex on grapes in California. This recommendation has not been submitted to or approved by the EPA. The 2(ee) expiration date is December 5, 2024.

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