Episode 19

Emerging Weed Challenges: Metabolic Resistance


About This Episode

The fight against resistant weeds is continuously evolving, and now there’s a newer, less predictable mechanism that has researchers casting a wide net to understand: metabolism-based resistance. Dating back to the 1980s, this form of resistance has been identified in grass species across the globe but, in recent years, has emerged in U.S. fields, particularly in broadleaf species like waterhemp. What sets metabolism-based resistance apart from other forms of resistance is the potential for weed populations to become resistant to a herbicide class before ever being exposed to it.

Two researchers who have been on the forefront studying this mechanism joined the Good to Grow podcast to discuss the mechanism: Patrick Tranel, professor and associate head of crop sciences at the University of Illinois, and Aaron Hager, associate professor and extension weed scientist for the University of Illinois. Listen in as they provide a glimpse at what exactly metabolism-based resistance is, the threat it poses and what can be done to curb the issue.

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